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20th September 2005

bananaee156:10pm: change sucks!
so what does everyone think about 11th grade not going to prom, and having their own?????

being in 11th grade I think it sucks...but what do you think!
Current Mood: annoyed

18th May 2005

brett01822:29pm: If you plan on being a leader on a Live Jesus, Freshmen, or Non Excidet retreat next year, or being a Eucharistic Minister, or coming to BASIC, or even just reading the Bible at all...Mr Wilson and the Campus Ministry office would like for you to try and come to the Youth Engaging Scripture workshop tomorrow after the first exam, from 930 to 330, in the Parish Hall. The purpose of the workshop will be to learn a process of reflecting on Scripture, particularly using the new Catholic Youth Bible as a prayer tool. Every Verot student will have a Catholic Youth Bible next year as a supplementary text to their theology class. Thank you.

12th May 2005

beejay10267:58pm: Seniors
How bad does it suck that the seniors have to leave. Man, last year I didn't care as much since I didn't really know anybody in the senior class, but I was actually tight with a few people this year. Anybody here going to Graduation on Saturday?

19th April 2005

brett01826:16pm: Hey, speak up.

It's election time, so tell me what it is that you hate or like about school and what you want to change next year. If you hate goin to Verot, why?

6th March 2005

roxxxybetz11:21pm: ATTN GIRLS SUMMER 05 SUBLEASE FSU!
hey! i'm from fort myers and currently go to fsu in tallahasse. i am trying to sublease my room in my apartment for the summer. it's close to FSU and TCC. if you're not going to bring your car, there is a bus stop at the complex's entrance. The room is part of a 4/4 apartment. The apartment is furnished and the room includes a private bathroom and mini kitchenette (mini fridge, microwave, etc). The building the room is in is only two years old and the other roomates are really nice girls who are not even going to be there for most of the summer. The apartment is in Tuscant Village which is one of the nicer complexes for students in Tally. so if any girl is interested in taking over my lease for the summer, PLEASE let me know. the room runs $455 a month. i will pay for the sublease fees. It is almost impossible to sign a new lease in tallahassee for the summer, so subleases are a great way to try out a complex without commiting for the year! for more information just email me ebh04@fsu.edu or comment to this post.

5th March 2005

__fakesmile__1:33pm: i think we should have more dances because the last one was homecoming. and as far as prom goes you have to be a senior or a junior or get invited and lets face it not many freshman and sophmores get invited. lol. soo is anyone going to greek fest?? should be a fun time.

... i just transferred from gateway to verot for second semester and i gotta say i actually like going to school now. weird eh?

Current Mood: apathetic

1st March 2005

tia_maria3:39pm: All the cool kids go to the ART SHOWs at Cypress.


(with music and food)


When: Friday, March 11

5:30-7:00 PM

Where: Center For The Arts Gallery

6740 Panther Lane

481-2233 ext. 6604

Current Mood: too cool

27th January 2005

pablo776:26pm: Me
I was class of 04' my brother is in Brett's class his ame is evan ...lol
Current Mood: chipper

18th January 2005

bananaee157:11pm: free for all
hey, how about dressing in pretty much what ever we wanted and no one looked like total sluts...but i know that has nothing to do with good judgment (which we know so many girls are lacking) ...i think it might have had something to do with the cold....maybe...
well have a great week!!!!! oxoxoxox me
Current Mood: tired

12th January 2005

verot_078:49pm: hey
If there were to be a valentines day dance, but not on valentines day (b\c it falls on a mon)...would you go?

10th January 2005

smoochie890736:14pm: YESSSSS So how many people are like super glad that we don't really have to come to school until like 9:40?!!
By the way, if anyone's interested...you know, all like 6 of you...it would be awesome if ya'll would come and watch our vb team play against these two olympic beach volleyball players...even though we're going to get whooped, it'd still be cool to come and watch! =) k this is Lisa by the way...

20th August 2004

jenna_omg3:53pm: woo! yes im the only loser that found this. yah uhm we should def. get this journal going.? amen..

31st March 2004

verot_077:59pm: tell everyone
tell everyone you know to join...... just type in "verot" in the search box and then......join..... its that easy
verot_077:27pm: all you do...
All you do 2 post is go to update like your posting in your journal and when your done with saying what you wanna say in "verot." click for Optional Stetting then under "Journal to post in: " make that say verot and it will post whatever you want onto "verot."
have and questions post me on verot_07
verot_077:09pm: Verot
Ok this is the place...! Everyone can post at any time and say whatever they want! If you go to Verot or if you don’t this in the place where anything goes. Write what ever you want.
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